2000 Records, Vinyl, LPs, Albums - mostly 33's, some 45's, 78's and more

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Out of respect for the priorities of the day we will hold off a little on the record auction. Some of the difficulty will be in getting buyers their items safely and efficiently. We are working on best practices in this regard. We will post a complete list soon so you can start your research, if needed, and also give you a longer bidding period to accommodate everyone's new reality.

Thank you for your feedback on how best to offer this collection of albums. We are offering approimatley 2000 albums from one estate, offering some as individual lots, some as box lots of five or ten albums. We have an impressive assortment of classical, jazz and other genre to offer. Condition-wise, we are simply suggesting this was a well loved and often played collection. Pictures included. We are still working out some of the packing and shipping challenges that may come out of this auction so please stand by so we are fair to everyone when it comes to getting you your purchases.