Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to include my credit card to register to the Bartlett Auction site? No, You do not need to give us your credit card information, just a valid email and a unique Username or Password of your choice. There is only one account issued per email address. It's quick, easy and keeps you up to date and informed on all current and upcoming events in real time! Do I have to include my credit card information to place a bid? Yes. A credit card is required to obtain Bidder Approval on all auctions. You can update this information at anytime by logging into the site and selecting 'Account' on the top right-hand corner of site page. Online credit card providers, to help authenticate your card information, will pre-authorize $1.00. It is not a charge but a way to make sure the information was entered correctly. It will disappear from your statement within a few days. I forgot my password. How do I log in? There is an automated "Forgot Password" functionality that you can use to get your password emailed to you. You can find this under 'Login/Register' on the top right-hand corner. If you have forgotten your Username please contact us as we will need to reset for you! Can I change my password? You can change at any time, once logged in just select 'Account' at the top right of page, enter your new password in the field and save!

Will other users be able to see my information? No. The only information that will be public is the bid number that is assigned to you for a specific auction.

What security measure does Bartlett Auctions use to keep my personal and credit card information safe? It is secured by the largest online merchant provider, Stripe.com, their security protocols are industry leading. All transaction information is stored in a secure and encrypted manner by Stripe.com, your credit card information is not visible to Bartlett Auctions.

How do I bid on an Item? Once you have registered for an auction and have agreed to the 'Terms and Conditions' (please review carefully) you are set to bid! Find something you like, click BID NOW, a pop-up screen will appear where you are given a chance to enter a one time bid or a Max Bid (description below). You will receive an email or text confirming your bid along with a pop up that your are the high bidder.

What is a Max Bid? Choosing a Max Bid is a good way to control the maximum amount you are willing to bid without necessarily spending the maximum, or having to continuously monitor the auction and increasing your bid. Once you have entered your Max Bid, the bid will automatically increase, one bid increment above the rival bidder, up to the maximum that you have entered, until you have been outbid. Your winning bid may end up less than your entered maximum amount.

Please know that this is a popular tool and sometimes bidders will enter the exact same Max Bid on the same item. In this case, the bidder who bid first will be the high bidder even though the bids are identical.

The system will communicate your status on the lot and by text or email as you have chosen in your Preferences.

To enter a Max Bid simply enter the amount you are willing to bid, the system will only enter you one increment above the rival bidder. Please Note - When you are bidding on an item that has a 'Reserve Not Met' message in the bidding modal, your Max Bid will be entered fully if it is below the Reserve. If your Max Bid is higher than the Reserve, you will be the high bidder only at the Reserve.

How do I know I have been outbid? You will receive an email or text message confirming you have been "Outbid", a link within will allow you to quickly gain access to the item to place a higher bid if so desired. In your Account and Preferences, you can decide how you interact with the bidding site, either by email, text or both.

What is a Watch List? A Watch List displays items you wish to monitor. Watching an item helps you keep track of it and ensures you don't miss out on winning the item when willing to bid more than your rival! Any item you bid on is automatically added to your Watch List.

What is a Staggered Soft Close? Keeping track of multiple items during an auction closing is difficult. We use a staggered soft close to help you manage your bids! STAGGERED - Lots do not all close at the same time...we may stagger the close anywhere from 15 seconds to one minute to give our bidders the best opportunity to be successful on their chosen items.

SOFT - Bidding closes on an item when interest in bidding has ended, for example - if bids are received within the final minute prior to closing the count down resets to one minute to allow the competition to continue. The item will close when no bid is received for 60 seconds after the scheduled close. This reset may vary by auction - please refer to the Terms and Conditions for specifics on the auction you are interested in.

How do I know if I am a winning bidder on an item? Your bid number will be shown as the Winning High Bidder on the item once the bidding has closed on that item. An invoice will also be emailed immediately following the auction with full details of your successful bids. Regardless, if you go to your Account / Invoices - you can always find your past and immediate purchases.

Will I get notified if I am outbid? Yes. You will receive an email or text message the moment you have been outbid. Go to Account/Preferences to select what works best for you.

Can I retract my bid? All bids on our site are legally binding. If you are the successful bidder, you enter a legal contract to purchase the item and will be considered the buyer of the item. Please consider your bids carefully before placing them.