How to Bid

How to Bid

Our online platform allows you to bid from anywhere with internet access or on a mobile device! Preview and inspect items of interest in advance of the event by browsing our online listings complete with details and images.

MAX Bid versus REGULAR (or ABSOLUTE) Bid

You can place MAX Bids simply and easily! Place your maximum bid and let the system bid on your behalf by taking you one increment above your rival bidder, not to exceed your maximum price set. You will also be given the option to place a REGULAR Bid where the system simply accepts the amount you enter as your Bid. You can increase that at any time, very helpful, especially in auctions that have Reserves not yet met. For our live-streamed auctions, we welcome and encourage you to bid freely, and in real time, on items of interest and be a part of the action with each ongoing lot. Watch the timer on Online Auctions, watch the 'Once, Twice' notices on Live Stream and be conscious of internet delays that are out of our control.

RESERVES: We occasionally have items that have Reserves, or Minimums, set by the estate, owner or in some cases, the courts. Max Bids received under the Reserve are accepted as 'the bid' until Reserve is reached and lifted. If the high bid is under the reserve, the estate/court or its representative will be presented with the offer for their decision or counter offer.

If a Max Bid is submitted that is over the Reserve, the bid with be set at the Reserve only.

To help manage the bidding process, and under some conditions during the final hours and minutes of bidding, the Max Bid option will be re-instated for Reserved lots. Please contact us for clarification if needed. This is most relevant when consecutive Reserved Lots have a similar theme that bidders may have interest in.

HOW TO BID Step 1 Register on our Site Create a Profile on our website where you will receive updates on upcoming auctions! It's quick, easy and keeps you up to date and informed on all current and upcoming events in real time!

Step 2 Select the Auction you are interested in (there may be more than one running simultaneously) Once Pre-bidding is open, select any Login to Bid icon located on each item in the auction. A credit card is required to obtain Bidder approval for all auctions- Please review the "Terms and Conditions" as each auction may have added requirements for Bidder approval. We do not have access to your Credit Card information. It is secured by the largest online merchant provider,, and their security protocols are industry-leading.

Note: as there may be multiple auctions occurring at one time, though you only need to register once, each auction may have unique Terms and Conditions you will be asked to confirm.