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Out! Out! Fabulous Stuff!

Out! Out! Fabulous Stuff!


/kəˈlekt/     1. bring or gather together.


/kəˈlektər/ 1. a person who collects things of a specified type,or as a hobby.


/ʌnkəˈlɛktar/ 1. a person who no longer collects or gathers baubles, doodads, gewgaws, bric-a-brac, and knick knacks. See photo of Wanita Bates.


To my collections of Royal Winton, gloves, aprons, kewpie dolls, tablecloths, buttons, weird stuff, Victorian jet and jewelry, cameras, clocks, sewing patterns, photo frames, paint by numbers art, beautiful embroidered art, old lamps, mixers,quilts tramp art,chenille bedspreads and things made from popsicle sticks. I say, It’s not you, it’s me! You have to go!”


Out,Out,Fabulous Stuff!!


In Person Viewing Sunday, November 6th - 12 noon to 5pm Suite 706 Atlantic Place, 215 Water Street, St. John's

Newfoundland and Labrador
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