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Choices for Youth

Choices for Youth

Choices for Youth is registered charity In Newfoundland and Labrador that operates programs and social enterprises to help vulnerable youth secure stable housing, employment, and education, while improving health and family stability. With a focus on prevention, intervention, and support, we help youth and their families break cycles of poverty and homelessness and transition to healthy, stable, and independent lives.

Our online auction will run from October 24th 2022 through to 1st November 22, closing at 8pm. All proceeds will help fund Choices for Youth’s programs and initiatives to support vulnerable youth and young families in our community, providing wrap-around supports from a harm-reduction and housing-first-for-youth approach.


Every contribution makes a difference and strengthens our shared community. Last year CFY supported over 1,000 young people with housing, employment, education, and more.  In the 2021-2022 fiscal year we saw a 91% decrease of use in emergency healthcare services from participants in our Momma Moments program, found that 296% of youth in our Education, Employment and Social Enterprise programming were more likely to graduate when receiving our educational supports, and created 36,115 hours of youth employment through our Social Enterprise Initiatives.


We would like to extend special thanks to Bell Let’s Talk for their sponsorship of this auction.


Thank you to everyone for their support of our cause! To find out more about Choices for Youth visit our website here.

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