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Project Heart's Content 2022 - Wine Auction

Project Heart's Content 2022 - Wine Auction

“The internet started here” …  in Heart’s Content, with the landing of the Atlantic cable in 1866.  It was the beginning of global communications, allowing Europe and North America to talk to each other, and it all passed back and forth through the cable station in Heart’s Content.  The world celebrated, other countries followed suite.  But it all started here.


Now Heart’s Content again stands on the threshold of international recognition, with the cable station up for nomination as the next UNESCO World Heritage Site in Newfoundland and Labrador.


This auction is in support of the work of the nonprofit Heart’s Content Community Development Corporation in developing Heart’s Content and region as a world-class tourist destination and key attraction on the Baccalieu Coastal Drive. 


Wine Auction closing begins 10pm November 21.


Pick-up of purchased items by arrangement with


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