One hour Tarot consultation (over Zoom) with Dr. Peter Duchemin. - Bartlett Auctions Inc.
One hour Tarot consultation (over Zoom) with Dr. Peter Duchemin.
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An in-depth, one hour Tarot consultation (over Zoom) with Dr. Peter Duchemin. 

Dr. Peter Duchemin is a skilled Tarot reader of 30 years experience who reads and teaches Tarot internationally. 

One of this province's most profound magickal creative geniuses, Dr. D, artist, mage and scholar, specializes in calendar magick and has developed several tarot courses around his work. With an eclectic background in the arcane and occulture since the 1990's, Dr. Duchemin asserts that

"Philosophy and tarot are profoundly linked. This is due to the fact that Tarot CAN supply a neglected dimension to the practice of thought: namely that it encodes a canon of thinkable scenarios, and supplies a practice-able method. Magick is, in some sense, about practicing exercises that realize what philosophy conjures up in theory. All this, of course, can be (and often is) misunderstood. In my world, however, Tarot doesn't fate us to anything - but it opens doorways for us to become active agents in our destinies. What is the Tarot to you?"

You can find Dr. Peter Duchemin on instagram @the_forest_of_life_calendar

or on FB @ Meta Magic Matrix

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The fundraiser is for Avalon Arcane Academy, school of healings arts, whose pillars include sovereignty, unity and holistic health. The goal of this fundraiser is to obtain a physical location for Avalon Arcane  Academy, which will include a homeschooling cooperative.