The Goodridge Estate Auction March 7-12, 2024 - Bartlett Auctions Inc.

The Goodridge Estate Auction March 7-12, 2024

The Goodridge Estate Auction March 7-12, 2024

Chris O’Dea of O’Dea’s Realty and Auction Room is teaming up with Wayne Bartlett of Bartlett Auctions

 to present the Goodridge Estate. 



The Goodridge family residence, Clifton,  located at 71 Rennies Mill Rd, was built in the 1860’s and initially owned by the Clift family. Thomas and Eliza Clift assumed ownership after James passing. The home was then passed to their daughter Flora Frederica Clift .   Flora Frederica Clift married Harrison Hayward. Their daughter Dorothy, married William Prout Goodridge after which the Goodridge family name became associated with Clifton. That represents continuity of family occupation for approximately 160 years. 

Both family patriarchs were active merchants, with the Clift firm in operation in NL in the 1790’s 

 The Goodridge family got their start in Renews , with Henry Goodridge having emigrated from  Devon in 1807 and established a fishery business. Between 1834-1917, the firm registered 197 vessels and for a period were the third largest firm on the island . In 1850, the family business relocated to St. John’s trading as Alan Goodridge and Sons .  The family made a significant contribution to the economy, culture and political life of the island  as lawyers, artists, politicians, medical doctors, and government administrators. Augustus Goodridge (1839-1920), great nephew of Henry, was Prime Minister of Newfoundland in 1894. He was the father of Clifton resident William Prout Goodridge."

This auction includes a collection of Newfoundland antiquarian books, including a pristine copy of Chappell’s Voyages from 1818, sterling silver back to the early 1800’s, a wide variety of antique furnishings, over 130 bound volumes of Punch Magazine  from 1852-1858, boxed brass sextant made by Johannsen & Co from 1880, three oil on porcelain painting by Mildred Clift c. 1915 and much more.

** Because of forecasted weather issues, the parameters and timing of the Pre-Bidding, Closing and/or Pick-Up Times may change.

Please re-visit this page for the most up-to-date information.

Online Catalog and Pre-Bidding Begins Thursday, March 7, 2024 at 12PM

In-Person Viewing

***Location - 71 Rennies Mill Road

Sun, March 10, 2024, 12-6 PM 

Mon, March 11, 2024, 10-6 PM 

Tues , March 12, 2024, 10-6 PM

Auction begins to close Tuesday March 12, 2024 at 7 PM 

Viewings may also be arranged by appointment, subject to availability, by calling Chris O’Dea at 709-685-6559

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