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Lakecrest 30th Anniversary Fundraising Auction

Lakecrest 30th Anniversary Fundraising Auction

Lakecrest Independent School, situated in downtown St. John’s, is commemorating its 30th anniversary with an exciting auction organized by the Lakecrest Organizing Committee, in collaboration with friends and families of the Lakecrest community.

Our auction offers a diverse selection, including original framed art, signed limited edition prints, various memberships, social experiences, gift baskets, gift cards, hand-knit blankets, quilts, scarves, musical instruments, toys, and more.

This fundraising effort is of significant importance as we aim to secure financial support for Lakecrest. Lakecrest relies solely on tuition fees, fundraising initiatives, and generous donations to thrive.

Join us in supporting Lakecrest by participating in our online auction. We hope you discover some treasures and have fun bidding - all while contributing to a worthy cause!

Lakecrest School, 58 Patrick Street, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
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